There are many wonderful attributes that describes this original Georgia southern peach…

Owner and principal, Jessica Chanel -
a natural-born leader that takes pride in moving people, creating memorable milestones, and maintaining poise under pressure.

Someone who loves getting lost in old Turner Classic movies, spontaneous road trips, mixing metals and prints, kitchen dance parties with her daughter, and getting rough and tough with her 3 teenage sons to a game of basketball. She’s a consummate over-achiever and a habitual mover-and-shaker.

Widely known for her warm southern hospitality charm. Jessica Chanel, also known as JC, took her passion and love for the arts to a whole new level. She learned the beauty of her gift at a very young age and knew that she wanted to become an event designer. Her mind was made up. She decided to pursue her passion and in the year of 2007,  The JC Oliver Event Society was born.

Being an artist and learning the trade of interior design, JC uses her natural skills to deliver an impeccable piece of art through her client’s vision.  She is passionate about developing phenomenal unforgettable events for her clients and knows how to strategically convey their message with effectiveness.

Her incredible love for working with people truly allows her to relish in the opportunity of being creative through every event that she produces. With her diverse background covering small intimate weddings to special life's milestones to corporations, she brings an exceptional eye for detail, customer service, and organization. This ensures all clients get exactly what they need.