“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

―Abraham Lincoln

It usually isn’t what you have, where you are, or what you’ve been through that makes you happy or unhappy, it’s how you think about it all.  It starts on the inside.  You control your thoughts.  The only person who can hurt your happiness in the long run is YOU.

Stop and smell the roses
A wedding isn’t referred to as a bride’s “Big Day” for the size of the wedding cake or the length of her train. Most brides will feel at least a slight twinge of stress on their wedding day — and that’s totally normal. After all, it’s one of the most important moments in your life. (No pressure!)

To help calm your nerves before you walk down the aisle, here are six pieces of wisdom from wedding planners.

Get Nostalgic
If your bouquet goes missing or a ‘maid who has had too much to drink begins to overshadow your day, Meyer suggests that you take a moment to look back on the moment that got you to your nuptials. “Remember your first date, where it all began, where you first felt the spark,” Jove advises. “I ask them to tell me the story and suddenly they melt with warm feelings of the beginning of it all.”

Visualize the Honeymoon 
When the ceremony itself seems more stressful than blissful, New York City wedding expert Lindsay Lindman of Lindsay Lindman Events suggests fast-forwarding to the honeymoon. “As much as I want every bride and groom to focus on their once-in-a-lifetime wedding, sometimes you just have to help them to forget it for a while and have a total out-of-wedding experience,” says Landman.

Sneak Away with Your Groom
Often, the most memorable moments of a wedding occur between a bride and her groom. To calm a tense bride, Landman often prescribes a private moment between the couple. “This helps to re-create the intimacy of the wedding day by being able to remember that it is all about the individual experiences and moments,” Landman explains.


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